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PS-SC16/F3C and PW-SC16/F3 leaking solution
PW-DS3a filter cartridge solution
Clean mineral resin filter
PS-SC16/F3C and PW-SC16/F3 leaking solution
There are some frequently asked customer questions:
Why is water leaking from the top of the water dispenser?
Why is there leaking from the back of the machine?
Why has the water leaked around the floor?
Why is the machine shutting the power of the house? 
               *Reason: Leaking because the Built-in stainless steel tank is too full.

*Steps to fix the problem:
1.Take off the
bottle holder It looks like a big mashroom
2.Uncrew the check valve (It is a long cylinder) off, check the rubber head and clean it.
3.Uncrew the
white nuts, check and clean male and female parts, also the rubber washer. 
4.Screw the white nuts back to bottom tank AS TIGHT AS YOU CAN.
5.Screw the
check valve back GENTLY, do not screw TOO TIGHT.   

*if this is still not clear, please click
here and here FOR MORE DETAIL.
PW-DS3a filter cartridge solution

The reason for this issue is that some filters are harder to clean than others due to the differing carbon compositions inside the filter.

To fix this problem:
1. You need to flush your water cooler with 200ml of white vinegar mixed with 2L of water
2. Leave this mixture in your tank for 1 hour and then drain away either through the rubber plug at the bottom of your cooling machine or through the taps.
3. Then after one hour, flush again with 5L of normal water. This should fix the filter problem.
NB: This process should be repeated 5 times.  It will give your filter a sturdier clean.

Clean mineral resin filter
Rinse mineral resin filter:
a)      Take off the filter cover
b)      Screw off the mineral resin filter
c)      Take off the pad, fabrics, carbon fiber ( do not take off the air cap)
d)      Soak the fiber, fabrics and pad in clean water until there is no more dust residue.
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